United Clinical Laboratories

Providing laboratory services to the tri-state area since 1986

United Clinical Laboratories (UCL) is a medical laboratory providing routine, emergency and reference laboratory services to Dubuque's major health care providers and people residing within a 50-mile radius.

UCL is recognized both locally and nationally for its commitment to quality and its innovative use of resources and technology.

We operate at six sites:

UCL is a consolidated laboratory with standardized equipment, procedures, and staff training. We are able to provide services to a broad base of medical and industrial clients with ever changing needs.

Our Partners:

Dubuque Pathology Associates provides Medical Directors for United Clinical Laboratories.

Summer 2015 — Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is an infection caused by a bacterial spirochete (Borrelia burgdorferi). This bacteria is transmitted by the deer tick or Ixodes species which is commonly found in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Lyme disease is a complex disease that is often difficult to diagnosis. The symptoms of Lyme disease overlap with the symptoms of other inflammatory or autoimmune diseases.

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