United Clinical Laboratories

Providing laboratory services to the tri-state area since 1986

United Clinical Laboratories (UCL) is a medical laboratory providing routine, emergency and reference laboratory services to Dubuque's major health care providers and people residing within a 50-mile radius.

UCL is recognized both locally and nationally for its commitment to quality and its innovative use of resources and technology.

We operate at six sites:

UCL is a consolidated laboratory with standardized equipment, procedures, and staff training. We are able to provide services to a broad base of medical and industrial clients with ever changing needs.

Our Partners:

Dubuque Pathology Associates provides Medical Directors for United Clinical Laboratories.

June 1 is National Cancer Survivors Day

This yearly event is an opportunity for Americans to support cancer survivors, their families, and friends — and to pay tribute to the researchers and healthcare providers who devote their efforts to increase the length and quality of life of survivors.

For more information, please see the National Cancer Survivors Day website.

National Cancer Survivors Day

The month of June begins with National Cancer Survivors Day. We should all celebrate and not just for a day.

There are nearly 14 million cancer survivors in the United States. Everyone reading this right now probably knows at least one person who has had a cancer diagnosis.

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