UCL's Employee Wellness Program

Although you have been hearing more buzz about companies who are just now starting Wellness Programs, the UCL Wellness Program has been evolving since 2004. The purpose of a Workplace Wellness Program is to promote healthier lifestyles so that employees are more productive at work and so that they will have more energy and vigor to give to their families and friends when they get home.

UCL's Wellness Program is maintained by a committee of 11 members who represent the different sites, different backgrounds and different interests within our company. Annually, the committee updates an operating plan that guides our decisions on which campaigns to facilitate during the year.

The most important UCL Wellness Campaign is the annual health fair in October. During the health fair Employees are offered free lab work and biometric measurements such as weight, height and blood pressure, and are asked to answer an online questionnaire. The biometric data, lab work and results from the questionnaire are compiled into group data and evaluated by the committee. The Wellness Committee uses the group data to determine the type of campaigns to deliver throughout the year. The highest ranking risks for UCL include high BMI (Body Mass Index) and low physical activity. Therefore, most of our campaigns are designed to increase physical activity and to reduce BMI.

We are currently running the Biggest Loser Campaign (ends May 30th) and The Mines of Spain Campaign/Dog Walk (ends June 30th). Additionally UCL offers the Weight loss and Tobacco Cessation Assistance program. This program reimburses employees for costs of weight loss programs and tobacco cessation products.

Every employee is an important part of the health culture of our company. We are always trying new campaigns to reach out to a range of employee needs. We are open to new ideas and input to improve the programs and the health of our workforce.